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Fist Visit Comprehensive Dental Examination

Comprehensive Exam

A full examination of your mouth and teeth will be conducted at your initial visit. The dentist must probe the gums to see if any pockets exist as this can lead to more severe periodontal conditions if not treated early. An inspection of all existing restorations (fillings and/or crowns) will be performed to look for leakage or cracks that may result in decay. The dentist also may evaluate possible cosmetic alternations that he/she may feel will improve your esthetic appearance and smile. Assessment of the occlusion for bite problems and an orthodontic screening are also parts of this thorough examination.

Periodic Exam

Periodic dental exams are routinely performed on established patients every 6 months after a comprehensive oral evaluation has been conducted at the patient's initial visit to the office. Dr. Nazarian will inspect existing restorations for possible cracks or leakage and determine any changes in the patient's oral health. Dental X-rays are usually taken at the time of visit as well to ensure that nothing is missed during the visual and clinical examination.

Digital X-Rays

Cosmopolitan dental uses the latest technology where X-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film. Using Digital X-rays is more time efficient and images are developed instantly. There is also less radiation used to produce an image of similar contrast to conventional radiography.

X-rays taken at your visit are used to: